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Araliya Humble Beginnings
Why Araliya?

Araliya was founded in 1996, the company reached its' peak in 2000 in the local market, with many challenges along the way, it expanded. In 2000, the Company entered the international market and exported local products overseas. By 2004, the company manufactured 80% of its' products in house and 99% manufactured in Sri Lanka. Now, we trade in over 7 countries and 10 agents.

Quality, Awards and more...

We use the finest materials from Sri Lanka and ensure our products are manufactured to the highest standards. We carry out quality checks through out the production process. The hard work of our team has paid off by receiving Export Awards by the NCE every year. We have also received the ISO 9000, 22000, GMP Certificate and the HACCP Certificate. 

Export Range of Brands

We understand as an importer you would require more items in different brands and products. We offer beyond Araliya, we can cater to the needs of your supermarket and export anything from Sri Lanka. Below is range of brands we can include in the same container. Our bulk buying agreements have provided us with quality, efficient and affordable products from the below range. We also consider any request beyond the means of the below items as we are specialized exporters.

Image by Andy Li




You will be registering with Araliya, to import our products to your country. Information from you will be required to assess your eligibility.

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Register using the below form. We will then contact you with the information you require from us to start importing products.


We will then respond to your enquiry within 2 business days if you are eligible to import Araliya Products to your state or Country.


We will then provide you with a product list and price list. Once you have ordered, a shipment will be ready in the next 30 days.


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